Rabbit House Pueblito

Located in Rafael Canyon, this pueblito is situated on the valley floor of Rafael Canyon. Old Fort Pueblito is visible across the canyon. The site consists of a three-room pueblito. A panel of ceremonial images (petroglyphs and pictographs) is located on a boulder nearby and is likely associated with the site (Towner 2003). Modern vandalism in the form of someone engraving their initials is also present.

Ceramic Assemblage: Ceramics include Dinetah Gray and Gobernador Polychrome (Towner 2003).

Tree-ring Analysis: Twelve tree-ring samples have been collected from the pueblito. Juniper was exclusively used in the construction of the pueblito. All but one sample showed evidence of metal ax use. The tree-ring dates indicate that the pueblito was constructed around 1752. This date places Rabbit House contemporaneous with Old Fort (Towner 2003).

Land Owner: Bureau of Land Management
Site Elevation: 6422 ft / 1957 m
Hiking Difficulty: Moderate =
Someone in good hiking condition;
Distance about 1,500 feet;
Elevation gain less than 50 feet, requires crossing a deep arroyo.
Defending The Dinetah 2003 Towner, Ronald H. 2003
Defending the Dinetah: Pueblitos in the Ancestral Navajo Heartland. The University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Rabbit House Pueblito
Rabbit House Pueblito
Rabbit House Pueblito