2. Cutter Dam Reservoir

Cutter Dam is a little known body of water located about 8 miles south of Blanco, New Mexico and east of Largo Canyon. A picturesque little lake with beautiful cliffs and scenery it covers approximately 56 acres. The lake serves as a reservoir for Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI). Access to the lake is possible from two locations, however neither access is paved, so four wheel-drive, high clearance vehicle is highly recommended.

Currently the main southern access to the dam and picninc area is closed due to construction. It is anticipated that the access will be opened by September 2017.
  • ➠ See Letter from Bureau of Reclamation
  • Cutter Dam
    Cutter Dam Reservoir
    A shore boat access is available on the northwest side of the reservoir. However, access to this location is very rugged and limited to johnboats or small fishing boats. Accessing with a trailer may be problematic due to large road ruts.

    This lake is stocked with cutthroat and rainbow trout annually. Kokanee salmon are also present.

    No lake use fees required. A valid fishing license required from Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife.

    Fishing License
    Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife
    (928) 871-6451
  • ➠ www.nndfw.org

  • Water Recreation
    Small johnboats or fishing boats are allowed.

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