3. Nighthorse Reservoir

Lake Nighthorse was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation as part of the Animas La Plata (ALP) Project. The lake is full and the surface area is approximately 1,500 acres. The lake is located two miles from Durango and is poised to provide a significant recreational amenity to the area. The recreation plan and lease agreement between the Bureau of Reclamation and City of Durango was approved and signed January 2017. The agreement and opening of the lake is contingent on the City of Durango annexing approximately 500 acres of land at Lake Nighthorse.

Recreation Development
Recreation development will include public restrooms, an overflow parking area for the boat ramp, access road improvements, and development of a courtesy dock system at the boat ramp. Recreation activities will be day use only and include: canoeing, kayaking, rowing, sculling, and stand-up-paddle boarding; swimming and scuba diving; and fishing.

Currently the lake is closed to the public and will remain closed until a recreation director is hired and appropriate recreation facilities are built to provide for public safety and protect resources from damage.

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