The Lybrook Fossil Area (commonly referred to as the Lybrook Badlands) lies in the Nacimiento sedimentary layer, which is approximately 65 to 55 million years old (Paleocene Period). Its box canyon and riddled mesas drop over 700 feet in elevation with distinct, multi-colored, eroded stair steps.

Through time and erosion, a fantasy world of strange rock formations have been created which for the imaginative mind can lend to some interesting shapes and "characters" provide ample content for the photo enthusiast. Most commonly found in the badlands are clay domes, hoodoos and oddly shaped features. The hoodoos within the Lybrook Badlands tend to be taller and more massive than the hoodoos found in the Bisti or Ah-shi-sle-pah areas. The terrain is also more rugged with steeper slopes and ridges.

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