A great spot for the weekend warrior, the Glade Run Recreation Area is comprised of 19,000 acres of sandy arroyos, slick rock and rolling terrain. Vegetation is sparse, primarily consisting of common grasses, rabbitbrush, sagebrush, junipers, and pinyons.

The recreation area is split into two off-highway vehicle use zones. The northern three-quarters of the Glade are managed for limited trail use and 3,800 acres on the south end are managed as an open OHV area. Approximately 42 miles of marked trails for motorized trail bike and mountain bike riders are located in the limited OHV portion of the Glade Run.
Trail Difficulty Feet Miles Comments
1. Anasazi Loop Easy/Intermediate 14,050 2.7 Single track
2. Bonk Rock Intermediate 7,850 1.5 Single track, few steep parts.
3. Clark's Bypass Easy 20,000 3.8 Mostly existing road or two-tracks.
4. Hood's Mesa Trail Easy 22,100 4.2 Mostly paved road or two-tracks.
5. Kinsey Trail Intermediate 19,500 3.7 Part single track, part ATV track.
6. Lake View Difficult 9,150 1.7 Single track.
7. Rigor Mortis Intermediate 19,000 3.6 Parallels parts of Kinsey.
8. Road Apple East Easy/Intermediate 23,050 4.4 Mostly single track.
9. Road Apple West Intermediate 66,350 12.6 Mostly single track, some two-track.
10. Seven Sisters Intermediate 7,250 1.4 Mostly single track, some two-track.
11. Wild Bill Difficult 5,000 0.9 Single track.
Glade Run Mountain Bike Trails
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Activities Permitted

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    Report any vandalism to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) hot line at 505-564-7600.

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