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Pinon Mesa is a trail threading through a picturesque terrain of badlands, hoodoos and tent rocks. Lots of sand and silt and the arroyo crossings tend to be sand traps and there are numerous short steep climbs that have to be walked up and slid down.

Parking is available off the west side of Hwy 171 about 0.7 miles north of the lighted intersection of Hwy 171 and Pinon Hills Blvd. The sign on the gate says no motorcycles or ATVs but they are frequent users. Be sure to fasten the gate behind you as you cross private land onto BLM land. The area can be confusing because the designated mountain bike trail has been overlaid by a web of oil field roads, motorcycle and ATV tracks.
Segment Difficulty Miles
TOTAL 15.7
1 Easy (Oil Field Road) 1.4
2 Intermediate (Single Track) 2.1
3 Difficult (Single Track) 0.3
4 Easy (Oil Field Road) 0.2
5 Difficult (Single Track) 0.7
6 Intermediate (Single Track) 0.4
7 Easy (2-Track) 0.5
8 Intermediate / Difficult (Single Track) 6.9
9 Intermediate (Single Track) 1.2
10 Easy (Oil Field Road) 0.6

Pinon Mesa Mountain Bike Trails
Pinon Mesa Mountain Bike Trails Map (PDF 208 KB)

Report Vandalism

Report any vandalism to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM):
BLM Farmington Field Office
6251 College Blvd. Suite A
Farmington, NM 87402
(505) 564-7600
(800) 842-3127
Mountain Bike Riding
Knobbies Hoodoos at Trail #1.
Mountain Bike Riding
Turkey Rock at Trail #2.
Mountain Bike Riding
Trail view at start of Trail Segment #9.
Photos by EMKotyk