RV Dump Stations

City of Aztec

201 W. Chaco St.
(505) 334-7670

Road Runner Fuels

800 S. Main Avenue
(505) 333-3990

RV Dump Station Etiquette

Dump in the Right Order

Briefly coat the interior of the sewer hose with water from the gray water tank, completely drain the blackwater tank, then completely drain the gray tank to help clean out waste pipes and sewer hoses.

Don't Spread Germs

Use and maintain the right tools for the job. Make sure your dump gate valves are safely sealed and use a proper RV sewer hose to prevent spills. Rinse all pipes, hoses, and fittings over the dump station drain. Properly dispose of all gloves and garbage.

Move Up for Potable Water

If potable water is available at the location, move the vehicle closer to the source. This allows the camper after you to dump while you get fresh water and decreases the risk of contaminating your fresh water hose.