Petrified Forest National Monument has been a long time favorite of visitors into Arizona. Now there are many new adventures and discoveries as the Park has opened up new areas for backcountry hikes into Red Basin and little known areas like the Martha's Butte. There are also new exhibits in Rainbow Forest Museum to transport you to the Triassic Period. Stop at Painted Desert Visitor Center, Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark, or the Rainbow Forest Museum to plan your visit or to view the modern human history or paleontological exhibits. Rediscover the Petrified Forest!
Painted Desert.
Route 66
Old Studebaker along Historic Route 66 (Stop #4).
Puerco Pueblo
Puerco Pueblo (Stop #5).
Newspaper Rock
Newspaper Rock, ancient petroglyphs (Stop #6).
Blue Mesa
Petrified Log on top of Blue Mesa (Stop #7).
Blue Mesa
Petrified Log at the base of Blue Mesa.
Agate Bridge
Agate Bridge (Stop #8).
Crystal Forest
Crystal Forest (Stop #10).
Rainbow Forest Museum
Paleotological exhibit (Stop #11).
Giant Logs
One of numerous 'Giant Logs' (Stop #11).
Long Logs
Old forest of 'Long Logs' (Stop #12).
Agate House
Agate House (Stop #12).
Photos by EMKotyk