Since 1962, this tribal-owned zoo in Window Rock has served as a sanctuary for nature and the spirit. Animals reside in natural habitats surrounded by native vegetation and rock scenery. Most animals here are native to the Navajo Nation, part of the zoo's effort and dedication to offer exhibits that are important to Navajo history and culture.

Other Sites in Window Rock

  • ➠ Museum, Library & Visitor Center
  • ➠ Tribal Park and Veteran's Memorial
  • ➠ Navajo Nation Zoo and Botanical Park
  • entrance
    Entrance to Zoo.
    Entrance to Zoo.
    steel artwork
    Steel Artwork of Eagle.
    red fox
    Red Fox.
    horned owl
    Horned Owl.
    horned owl
    Horned Owl closeup.
    Coyote in Den.
    prarie dog
    Prarie Dog in Burrow.
    Photos by EMKotyk