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The Glade is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) under a multiple use policy. That means the Glade is open to a variety of uses that benefit the American public, including oil and natural gas production and livestock grazing.

A great spot for the weekend warrior, the Glade Run Recreation Area entices visitors with 19,000 acres of sandy arroyos, slick rock and spacious rolling terrain. The Glade provides plenty of opportunity for the competitive spirit and young-at-heart - it's open to both motorized and non-motorized recreation.

The south end of the Glade is designated as open to off-high-way vehicle use featuring challenging slick rock and wide sandy washes. It offers 3,800 acres of unrestricted travel for four-wheel drive and all-terrain vehicles.

The northern three-quarters of the Glade is open to limited off-highway use with 42 miles of marked multi-use trails for dirt bikes and mountain bikes. These trails are closed to all terrain or four-wheel drive vehicles. There are a few designated and signed 2-track roads in the limited use area that allow four-wheel motorized use. Be sure to stay on these roads: in the limited use area no vehicles with four wheels are allowed on the multi-use trails.

The Glade hosts the Road Apple Rally, the oldest continuously held mountain bike race m the world. Rock crawling events draw modified four-wheel drive competitors from all over the country, attempting to scale sandstone obstacles for a chance at being the best. Some of the most spectacular rock crawling occurs at Brown Spring with steep vertical walls and sharp drop offs that invite drivers to test their skills.

Awareness and Rules

Be Considerate. Because the Glade is open to both motorized and non-motorized recreation act1v1t1es, please ride only on roads and trails or in areas designated "open" for use. Obey posted signs, respect private property, and honor the rights of other public land users. Keep pets under control.

Respect the Land. Recreate with minimum impact so others may enjoy the Glade. Take your trash with you when you leave and dispose of it properly. Bury solid human waste. If you encounter a gate, leave It as you found it unless posted otherwise. Avoid trampling vegetation. Maintain your distance from wildlife and livestock.

Share Trails. A shared use trail is not a racecourse. Reckless riding endangers you and others sharing the trail. Motorized vehicles should yield to human-powered vehicles which should yield to horses. Pedestrians should yield to all other users.

Be Prepared. Know your limitations and plan ahead. Take plenty of water and some high-energy food. Pack a map of the area and a first-aid kit. Tell someone where you are going. Wear appropriate clothing and take personal safety gear and any tools you may need.

Beware of Oil and Gas Equipment. Natural gas wells can be found throughout the Glade. Play it safe and stay away from well pads and oil field equipment. Assume any apparatus with pipes contains pressurized, flammable. and explosive material. Tanks may contain flammable liquids and fumes. Natural gas can ignite from a static electricity spark. Be cautious and don't be a v1ct1m of carelessness.

Watch Out. Dangerous objects can be encountered around oil and gas equipment. Old drilling rig anchors. hidden by brush, could cause extensive damage to vehicles that run over them. Pay attention to warning signs. Avoid turning handles or manipulating valves. Don't touch cables or wires because they could have high voltage. Climbing on equipment is prohibited; please stay out of fenced areas.

Obey the Rules. Prohibited activities in the Glade include discharge of firearms, gathering firewood and overnight camping without a special use permit from the BLM. Do not travel cross-country or create new trails in the limited motorized vehicle use area. Also, obey speed limits! Violators are subject to penalties under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

Report Vandalism

Report any vandalism to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM:
BLM Farmington Field Office
6251 College Blvd. Suite A
Farmington, NM 87402
(505) 564-7600
(800) 842-3127
For in progress incidents, request a BLM Ranger through Non-Emergency Dispatch (505) 334-6622.

Glade Window
Arch: Glade Window.
Unnamed Arch.
Farmington Glade
Farmington Glade.
Farmington Glade
Farmington Glade.
Chokecherry Canyon Arch
Chokecherry Canyon Arch.

Photos by EMKotyk