Ditch Canyon

The Ditch Canyon Trails System consists of two trails. The main trail follows Ditch Canyon to the Northeast and is a single 6.4 mile loop trail (3.2 mi one-way) along the canyon floor. The most popular site to see is the Octopus and Cedar Hills Arches located at the tip of a ridge near the start of the ride. There is no established trail up to the arches, however if one attempts to visit the arches, it probably is best to hand walking your horse.

A second trail located south of the Cedar Hill Cemetery is almost a 10 mile loop (4.9 miles one-way) which follows several 2-tracks, an arroyo, and parts of several oil field roads to lead one to Arch Rock in Arch Rock Canyon.
Ditch Canyon 6.4 miles
Ditch Canyon - Octopus Arch 1.2 miles
Arch Rock 9.8 miles
TOTAL 17.2 miles
Ditch Canyon Map
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  • Cedar Hills
    Octopus Arch Arch
    Octopus Arch
    Arch Rock
    Photo by Cathy Cumberworth, Click Photo to Enlarge.