Colorado Gators Reptile Park is a family oriented, educational facility that focuses on full use of natural and recycled resources. Initially started as a Tilapia farm due to the warm geothermal waters, the Youngs purchased baby alligators to dispose of dead fish and the remains of filleted fish.

In 1990, the farm was opened up for visitors to view the alligators and subsequently they have become a sanctuary for unwanted exotic pets such as pythons, various snakes, tortoises, iguanas, and even birds such as peacocks and parrots. The animals are displayed for the public to understand the dangers in owning exotic pets and for school educational programs.

In addition, of the 50 known albino alligators in the world, they have three albino alligators!
Colorado Gators Reptile Park
9162 CR 9 N
Mosca, CO 81146
(719) 378-2612
Albino Gator. Alligator. Alligator Alligator
Morris The Alligator Albino Red-Tailed Boa Corn Snake Praire Rattlesnakes
Green Iguana Tortoise Blue Macaw Peacock

Photos by EMKotyk