Founded in 1890, Ridgway is a quiet western town with charismatic energy. The town was the headquarters of the world famous Rio Grande Southern narrow gauge railroad serving the area's rich silver and gold mines, ranches and farms. Today the railroad is gone but ranches still dot the valley, preserving open space with many opportunities to view the amazing wildlife throughout the region.

Ridgway offers a range of opportunities to experience Colorado's finest outdoor adventures. From world-class fishing and water sports on the Uncompaghre River and Ridgway Reservoir to a soothing soak in natural hot springs. One has plenty of locations to hike, bike, ski, snowshoe, or ride through hundreds of miles of trails, and camp in BLM and National Forest and Wilderness areas. Within town, are a couple of museums, several fascinating eating establishments and lodging.
Ouray County Ranch History Museum Ouray County Ranch History Museum
Ouray County Ranch History Museum Ridgway Railroad Museum
Ridgway Railroad Museum: Diorama Ridgway Railroad Museum: Diorama

Photos by EMKotyk