Northwest New Mexico exemplifies the spirit of New Mexico's motto of the "Land of Enchantment." The landscape is diverse from steep canyons to rolling badlands throughout the San Juan and Rio Arriba counties. The vast network of canyons offer many opportunities to explore and discover the natural and cultural wonders. To date more than 400 natural arches and windows have been documented in San Juan County alone. To help the outdoor adventurers' exploration, the area has been divided into three regions. Click on the links to explore the canyons in each of these regions. Each region will have specific canyon tours, maps and other arch information.
Arches Regions
➠ Download Regional Map (PDF 408 KB)


Interested in learning more about natural arches and bridges? Visit the Natural Arch and Bridge Society website ( and become a member. For more information on Arches in our region, contact "the Archer", Larry Beck at (505) 235-0965 or email .

Enjoy your adventure and remember the following on your exploration:

Site Etiquette

The arches are hundreds, even thousands of years old, many are fragile and irreplaceable and your help is needed to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.
Do not climb on the arches.
Pack out your trash.

Report Vandalism

Report any vandalism to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) hot line at 505-564-7600.

Travel Advisories

Maps and directions are for information only and are provided "as is" without warranty or any representation of accuracy, or timeliness of completeness.
A 4-wheel drive, high clearance vehicle is highly recommended, with a full tank of gas.
Pack a lunch or high engery snacks and bring lots of water.
Check the weather before heading out. Roads may become impassable when wet.
Do not cross any washes that have water running in them. You may get stuck or swept away.
The roads used to access the sites are oil & gas field roads. Be aware of large trucks and keep to the right of the road on hills and blind corners.
Cell phone service is not available in some areas.
Visit these sites at your own risk. The BLM, the City of Aztec Visitor Center and their employees are not responsible for injuries or damages to personal property.

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