Aztec Alien Run Trails

Located north of Aztec, NM, the Alien Run Trails were originally designed and created for single track mountain bike riding. However, these trails are open and accessible for hikers. However do know that mountain bikers have the right of way, so step aside to allow their passing.

The trail system consists of two loops (east and west) which offer various degrees of difficulty for mountain biker riders. For hikers, the trails are relatively easy with little elevation change. It is recommended to hike the trails from either end as an out and back along the southern trail segments (highlighted in yellow and blue on map) which follows along the mesa edge. These trails offer the best view of Hartman Canyon.
Trail Name Difficulty Distance Elev. Gain
1. Alien Run West Loop S1/2 Easy 3.1 mi / 5.0 km < 50 ft
2. Alien Run West Loop N1/2 Easy 3.1 mi / 5.0 km <50 ft
3. Alien Run East Loop S1/2 Easy 1.5 mi / 2.5 km <50 ft
4. Alien Run East Loop N1/2 Easy 2.4 mi / 3.9 km <50 ft
Alien Run Trails Map
Alien Run Hiking Trails Map (PDF 233 KB)

Alien Run Arch
Alien Run Arch on West Trail Segment.
Hart Canyon Hoodoo
Hart Canyon Hoodoo on West Trail Segment.
Photos by EMKotyk