Los Alamos Trails

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In and around Los Alamos, New Mexico are a palethera of trails for the hiking enthusiast. Many of the trails are easily accessible within the town of Los Alamos and off of Hwy 4 which provides access to the Santa Fe National Forest. Majority of these trails are designated for foot use, however several trails can be used for mountain biking and horseback riding.
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  • Trail Loop Trails Distance Elev. Gain
    Kinnikinnik Nature Loop Kinnikinnik Nature 0.4 mi / 0.6 km 25 ft
    1. Acid Canyon Loop1 Acid Canyon 0.8 mi / 1.4 km 200 ft
    2. Bridges Loop1 Acid Canyon
    North Pueblo Bench
    Pueblo Canyon
    South Pueblo Bench
    3.0 mi / 4.8 km 250 ft
    3. Pueblo canyon Rim Loop Graduation Point
    Pueblo Canyon
    Pueblo Canyon Rim
    Ranch School
    7.5 mi / 12.1 km 390 ft
    4. Camp Hamilton / Zipline Loop1 Camp Hamilton
    Pueblo Canyon
    Pueblo Canyon Rim
    Tent Rocks
    6.5 mi / 10.5 km 150 ft
    5. Bayo/Pueblo Canyons Loop1 2 Bayo Canyon
    East Fork
    Pueblo Canyon
    11 mi / 17.7 km 108 ft
    6. Kwage Mesa Loop1 2 Kwage Mesa Trails 4.5 mi / 7.2 km 200 ft
    7. Deer Trap Mesa Loop Deer Trap Mesa Trails 3 mi / 4.8 km 50 ft
    1Mountain biking allowed.
    2Horse riding allowed.
    Los Alamos Trails
    Los Alamos Hiking Trails Map and Info (PDF 232 KB)

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  • Los Alamos County Hiking Trails Map and Info (PDF 232 KB)
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  • The following brochures brought to you by the Los Alamos County parks, Recreation and Open Spaces department:

  • Aquatic Center Trailhead Brochure (PDF 2.8 MB)
    (Acid Canyon Loop, Bridges Loop, Pueblo Rim & Canyon Loop)
  • Bayo Canyon Trailhead Brochure (PDF 700 KB)
    (Bayo Bench Loops)
  • Deer Trap Trailhead Brochure (PDF 1.5 MB)
    (Deer Trap Mesa, Kwage Mesa, Bayo/Pueblo Canyon Loops)
  • East Park Trailhead Brochure (PDF 715 KB)
    (Graduation Canyon, Pueblo Canyon Overlook, Canyon Rim Loop, Hamilton/Zipline Loop)