Ojito Wilderness Trails

Located southwest of San Ysidro, is the Ojito Wilderness and White Ridge. The Ojito Wilderness offers a couple of established trails as well as free range / open meandering hiking. In addition, east is White Ridge which has numerous trails established for mountain biking. These trails can also be hiked, but pedestrians are to yield to mountain bike riders.
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  • Trail Name Difficulty Distance Elev. Gain
    1. Hoodoo Trail Moderate 3.4 mi / 5.6 km 290 ft
    2. Seismosaurus Trail Easy 2.2 mi / 3.4 km 145 ft
    Ojito Wilderness Trails
    Ojito Wilderness Trails Map and Info (PDF 373 KB)

    'Randall Boggs' Hoodoo on the Hoodoo Trail
    'Randall Boggs' Hoodoo on the Hoodoo Trail.
    Hoodoo Pines on the Hoodoo Trail
    Hoodoo Pines on the Hoodoo Trail.
    Petroglyphs on the Seismosaurus Trail
    Petroglyphs on the Seismosaurus Trail.
    Photos by EMKotyk