Bloomfield Trails

Bloomfield is located 6 miles south of Aztec on U.S. 550. Wheteher staying in Aztec or Bloomfield, enjoy a nice evening stroll along the San Juan River by visiting Bloomfield's Vereda de San Juan Park. The walk can be a simple out an back from the parking locations or create a loop by walking all five trail segments. The trail system is relatively level and used by pedestrians and mountain bikers.
Trail # Surface Distance
1. Brick Pavers 0.2 mi / 0.3 km
2. Asphalt 0.3 mi / 0.5 km
3. Earthen - Hard Packed 0.3 mi / 0.5 km
4. Wood Mulch 0.3 mi / 0.4 km
5. Earthen - Hard Packed 0.2 mi / 0.3 km
Bloomfield Trails
Bloomfield Trails Map and Info (PDF 771 KB)

Vereda De Rio San Juan Park
Along the brick pavers pathway.
Vereda De Rio San Juan Park
San Juan River in the Fall.
Photos by EMKotyk