Citadel Pueblito

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The Citadel Pueblito is a two story, twin tower complex that sits on top of a boulder on the edge of an arroyo that drains into Cuervo (Crow) Canyon. There is a covered walkway between the towers and a courtyard area on the east side of the boulder. Most of the second story has collapsed along with the roofs of the first floor rooms. Loopholes and a sealed doorway are also visible. Loopholes are small observation ports in the walls that are aligned to provide views of access routes or other surrounding sites (Powers and Johnson 1987). The presence of a sealed doorway indicates that the pueblito underwent remodeling or repair.

Ceramic Assemblage: Only Dinetah Gray and Gobernador Polychrome wares have been identified at the site (Towner 1997).

Tree-ring Analysis: A total of 16 samples have been collected from the pueblito. Wood species identified only consisted of juniper. About half of the samples showed evidence of metal ax use. Though numerous tree-ring samples have been taken, results were rather disappointing. At best, the pueblito was likely built sometime after 1688 (Towner 1997). The pueblito has undergone some stabilization (Site Signage).
Land Owner: State of New Mexico
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Site Elevation: 6548 ft / 1996 m
Hiking Difficulty: Easy =
Someone in fair hiking condition;
Distance less than 400 feet;
Elevation gain less than 50 feet.
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Citadel Pueblito
Citadel Pueblito
Citadel Pueblito