Compressor Station Pueblito

Compressor Station Pueblito Map
Located on the fourth bench above Largo Canyon, this pueblito derived its name from the large natural gas compressor station located below it on the Largo Canyon floor. The pueblito consists of four ground floor structures built on a free-standing sandstone outcrop. In addition, a forked-pole hogan with slab-lined feature and burned rock were recorded at the site. The most western room (Room 1) was initially constructed and was later followed by the construction of Rooms 2 and 3. All three rooms have evidence of a second story. Room 4 does not appear to ever have been roofed but likely functioned as a passage way to the other three rooms. Remnants of a hooded fireplace is evident in Room 3 (Powers and Johnson 1987).

Ceramic Assemblage: The ceramic assemblage is dominated by Dinetah Gray and Gobernador Polychrome. Single sherd instances of Jemez Black-on-white, Zia, Santa Ana, and Acoma wares were noted in later investigations (Towner 2003).

Tree-ring Analysis: Thirteen samples were collected from the pueblito, with all the samples being pinyon. All samples showed evidence of being cut with a metal ax. Results from tree-ring dates indicate that three construction episodes occurred but the exact order leaves for some different interpretations. In all likelihood, construction began in 1727 and continued in 1728 (Towner 2003).
Land Owner: Bureau of Land Management
Site Elevation: 6110 ft / 1863 m
Hiking Difficulty: Very Difficult =
Someone in excellent hiking condition;
Distance 1/2 mile;
Elevation gain greater than 200 feet.
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Compressor Station Pueblito
Compressor Station Pueblito
Compressor Station Pueblito