Unreachable Pueblito

Unreachable Rockshelter Pueblito Map
Unreachable Pueblito is located in an alcove on the north side of Smith Canyon. The pueblito consists of a rockshelter, several masonry walled alcoves (storage), sweatlodge on the bench below and over a dozen hogans on the mesa top (Powers and Johnson 1987).

Ceramic Assemblage: Ceramics identified at the site included Dinetah Gray and Gobernador Polychrome (Powers and Johnson 1987).

Tree-ring Analysis: No tree-ring samples were collected from the rockshelter. However, a total of 16 samples were collected from the hogans on the mesa. Wood species included juniper and pinyon. Evidence of metal ax use was observed on seven of the samples. None of the samples yielded cutting dates and only a date later than the 17th century can be determined (Towner 1997).
Land Owner: Bureau of Land Management
Site Elevation: 6500 ft / 1981 m (estimated)
Hiking Difficulty: Access to the site is not possible from the canyon.
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