Overlook Pueblito

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Located on the east side of Palluche Canyon on the first bench below Superior Mesa, this pueblito consists of a D-shaped masonry structure of four rooms built on a sandstone outcrop on the edge of a cliff. Rooms 3 and 4 were originally two-stories, but only the beams of the ceiling/floors remain with some masonry walls extending higher. Rooms 1 and 2 consist of low walls and it is unclear if these rooms were roofed or served as walls for an activity area or wind break. In addition, four forked-pole hogans and a masonry foundation which may be an isolated structure were also recorded (Powers and Johnson 1987).

Ceramic Assemblage: The ceramic assemblage is dominated by Dinetah Gray and Gobernador Polychrome. However, Zia, Tewa, Zuni-Acoma, and Hopi wares have been documented (Towner 2003).

Tree-ring Analysis: Some 32 tree-ring samples have been collected from the site. Nine samples from the hogans and the remaining from the masonry pueblito. Wood use seems to be dominated by pinyon, but this could be the result of sample bias. Dates obtained suggest a construction date for the pueblito sometime around 1727 (Rooms 3 and 4) with remodeling as late as 1732 (Room 5). Tree-ring samples from two of the hogans suggest that they were contemporary with the pueblito (Towner 2003).
Land Owner: Bureau of Land Management
Site Elevation: 6922 ft / 2110 m
Hiking Difficulty: Difficult =
Someone in good hiking condition;
Distance about 1/2 mile;
Elevation gain greater less than 100 feet.
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Overlook Pueblito
Overlook Pueblito
Overlook Pueblito