Rabbit House Pueblito

Rabbit House Pueblito Map
Located in Rafael Canyon, this pueblito is situated on the valley floor of Rafael Canyon. Old Fort Pueblito is visible across the canyon. The site consists of a three-room pueblito. A panel of ceremonial images (petroglyphs and pictographs) is located on a boulder nearby and is likely associated with the site (Towner 2003). Unfortunately, modern vandalism in the form of someone engraving their initials is also present on the rock art.

Ceramic Assemblage: Ceramics include Dinetah Gray and Gobernador Polychrome (Towner 2003).

Tree-ring Analysis: Twelve tree-ring samples have been collected from the pueblito. Juniper was exclusively used in the construction of the pueblito. All but one sample showed evidence of metal ax use. The tree-ring dates indicate that the pueblito was constructed around 1752. This date places Rabbit House contemporaneous with Old Fort (Towner 2003).
Land Owner: Bureau of Land Management
Site Elevation: 6422 ft / 1957 m
Hiking Difficulty: Moderate =
Someone in good hiking condition;
Distance about 1,500 feet;
Elevation gain less than 50 feet, requires crossing a deep arroyo.
Defending The Dinetah 2003 Towner, Ronald H. 2003
Defending the Dinetah: Pueblitos in the Ancestral Navajo Heartland. The University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Rabbit House Pueblito
Rabbit House Pueblito
Rabbit House Pueblito