Pork Chop Pass Pueblito

Pork Chop Pass Pueblito Map
The pueblito sits on an unnamed mesa south of Largo Canon between Big Rincon and Palluche Canyons. The pueblito consists of three ground floors built in at least two construction phases. One of the circular structures (Room 1) has evidence of a second story. The second circular room (Room 2) still has some roofing intact. Room 3 is rectangular and postdates at least one of the circular rooms. A fourth masonry structure (Feature 1) was also identified, but it is unknown as to the function of this feature (Powers and Johnson 1987).

Ceramic Assemblage: Ceramics identified included Dinetah Gray, Gobernador Polychrome, Acoma, Zia and Zuni wares (Towner 1997).

Tree-ring Analysis: Twenty-eight tree-ring samples have been collected from the pueblito from two separate investigations. All but one sample show evidence of metal ax use. Tree-ring dates obtained from the pueblito indicate construction episodes around the late 1730s (Rooms 1 and 2) and mid-1740s (Room 3) (Towner 1997).
Land Owner: State of New Mexico
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Site Elevation: 6666 ft / 2032 m
Hiking Difficulty: Easy =
Someone in fair hiking condition;
Distance less than 400 feet;
Elevation gain less than 50 feet.
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Pork Chop Pass Pueblito
Pork Chop Pass Pueblito
Pork Chop Pass Pueblito